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How to Get to Dalaran in WotLK Classic 2022

By DevinJ @DevinJ
    2022-06-09 01:58:06.115Z

    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 2.0 is just around the corner, and as Blizzard says, you can expect it later in 2022. Since this will be a re-release of the classic, the same old question still bothers you - how to get to Dalaran?

    WotLK Classic: How to Get to Dalaran

    The magical city of Dalaran, floating above the Crystalsong Forest in the icy continent of Northrend, is a hard-to-reach place—but not impossible! Now, you might think you could land at any Alliance or Horde base in Northrend, and simply buy a plane to Dalaran, and rumble - that's it, job done. But things are never that simple.

    In the words of the Lich King, "You will suffer!" Try to find a way, and that's it. But we are here to help!

    Table of contents
    WotLK Classic: How to Get to Dalaran
    Today, we're going to cover a few ways that can take you to Dalaran, as there is no other way to get to the main city in the game. Let's see what's in your list of options!

    Mage Portal
    From day one, the mage has been considered the most "classic" profession in the game. What makes mages so unique (besides crafting their own mana potions and health foods) is the ability to teleport themselves or entire groups to various locations, including Shattrath, the capital of Outland.

    Once a character reaches level 74 and reaches Northrend, mages can learn Portal: Dalaran from a Portal Trainer in any of their faction's main camps. Of course, the portal still needs a regent, and it's still cheap and easy to get.

    Once you include the portal in your spellbook, you can watch the flow of gold in your backpack. Many players will ask the mage to teleport as it is the fastest way to Dalaran. It might cost 10-15 gp, but if you want to save time, pay for it.

    follow up
    In each of the two main factions, you'll find an NPC named: Image of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver.

    He will provide the following quests at level 74:

    Dalaran Magic Kingdom (Alliance)
    Dalaran Magic Kingdom (Horde)
    Accept the quest and let the blood elves teleport you to Dalaran. You can only do it once per character, as you cannot reset missions.

    Once there, be sure to enter the room near Krasus' landing and click on the purple triangle. This will allow you to teleport below the city and can be used as an alternative if your Hearthstone is on cooldown or if you still can't gain the ability to ride a flying mount in Northrend.

    Once you arrive in Dalaran, you can get the quest Learning Leaving and Returning: Paths of Magic, which will allow you to use the crystals under Dalaran for future travels.

    Until you get cold weather flying.

    Buy the Cold Weather Book of Flight on your mainnet
    Another option for Dalaran is if your character has unlocked the Cold Weather Flying ability and is level 80. You can then purchase the Cold Weather Book of Flight heirloom item and send it to your trumpet. Heirloom items are account-wide, and you can even send them to characters from the opposing faction.

    The book can be sent to characters above level 68, which means it can be flown directly in Northrend.

    Note: Heirlooms may not be available until later stages of WotLK Classic.

    If you have any opinions about WotLK Classic, please share it in comments. You can also buy wotlk classic gold if in need.

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