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By System @system
    2020-10-09 10:22:32.701Z
    1. Max Kaye @Max
        2020-10-09 10:22:32.766Z

        If anyone has questions, please ask them here.

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          Thomas Sesselmann @Tom
            2020-10-09 23:36:04.450Z

            I love this idea. I've always believed if we want to have any chance of defeating the majors then we either need a million dollars or we need to work together with the other minor parties.

            Individually we could never have enough volunteers to cover every polling booth, but together we could easily outnumber the major parties at every polling booth!
            Volunteers from every minor party, not handing out individual Vote 1 cards, but Put the Major's last cards. That's how we'll win.
            Every Minor Party that signs on will get to have their name and values on the card with a suggestion to put these parties above the majors in any preference they want.

            1. P
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              Patricia MacLennan @PM34
                2020-10-10 03:56:33.522Z

                I think this is a great idea. It gives independents an opportunity to engage with constituents over a period of time. Too often we hear from an independent at election time and never really know what they stand for. It takes exposure over the long term to really understand the contestant.
                We badly need to encourage independents who want to work for their community, not what's in their interests. Voting for what the majority want instead of horse trading with other parties.

                1. R
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                  Melinda @raindropsie
                    2020-10-15 01:30:15.753Z

                    What exactly is the The Flux Network? Will there be a list somewhere of organisations/parties who belong to the network? How is the network connected and how do members of the network communicate with each another?

                    1. Daithi @daithi
                        2020-10-15 15:58:17.465Z

                        What exactly is the The Flux Network?

                        It's introduced both as a conceptual alliance between minor parties, independents and anyone interested in issues/politics outside the major party duopoly, and as a conceptual way of describing how all these people will interact via the "Flux Ecosystem" (Flux Ecosystem is a label we use among the party as a way to describe the political economy which will emerge from citizens using the functionality of the apps).

                        I've tried describing it in this section:
                        but the exact specifics will be much better experienced once people are able to use our applications and come to a more personal intuitive understanding of our ideas in practice, rather than tryng to understand solely using metaphors and examples.

                        Will there be a list somewhere of organisations/parties who belong to the network?

                        This all depends on the cooperation and intentions of other minor parties. If they see value in the idea, and participating in the Flux Ecosystem, they will participate. If they don't, they won't.

                        I've had lots of conversations with people involved in other minor parties who see the vision of what we are trying to build, and have expressed interest in checking things out once we release our applications. We'll build it, they will try it, and then we will see what happens.

                        If people express a request that a list of parties/orgs involved/interacting is useful, and if parties/organisations agree to it, a list will be created.

                        How is the network connected and how do members of the network communicate with each another?

                        The network exists both formal and informally, in real life and in the app Ecosystem.

                        People from minor parties, independents, causes, orgs, all meet each other at events, online, in-person, etc during the year. Having the DigiPol app will be another platform/forum/tool for people to "communicate". It's not just necessarily an attempt to form a formal alliance between parties X, Y, Z. It's another way of approaching the challenge of describing a much larger vision of an implementation of democracy which is heavily reliant on people using an application which we haven't yet released.

                        I believe many people will answer their own questions about how it will all work by experiencing the DigiPol application and the various features which will follow. We don't have all the answers for all the questions yet, but we are working on them, and will always endeavour to answer where it's possible to do so.

                        I would encourage you to sign up as a member. You'll be among the first to experience DigiPol when it is released and you will have a whole new set of questions for us. :)

                      • J
                        In reply tosystem:
                          2020-10-24 01:56:51.869Z

                          FYI The link to How many political parties can you be a member of? in the #How to get involved section is broken

                          1. Max Kaye @Max
                              2020-10-26 10:10:10.042Z

                              Thanks Justin. Fixed now.

                            • N
                              In reply tosystem:
                              Ned Western @Ned
                                2020-10-24 18:31:32.492Z

                                If Keep Sydney Open swap votes with Voluntary Euthanasia, won't they both double their impact? Can't you use that as an incentive to join the network?