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By System @system
    2020-10-24 00:33:52.939Z
    1. L
      Douglas Faed @Longbow
        2020-10-24 00:33:53.004Z

        By using the Liberal title won't this predominantly attract Liberal voters and disincline any other party supporters?
        ...not sure if this is a wise move. I have been spreading the word about flux for years, and I don't know if this will help.

        1. P
          In reply tosystem:
            2020-10-24 03:32:00.441Z

            Well a Wolf in Sheeps clothing why not the corruption of both major parties is beyond believable. And they have been a malignant blight on our country for too long. Capital punishment is not fair enough.

            1. L
              In reply tosystem:
                2020-10-30 05:40:00.273Z

                Why focus on climate.

                The Greens and Labor focus on the UN IPCC report and actually haven’t read it, and take their climate policies to an extreme, using the fear factor whilst marketing that anyone who disagrees with them is a climate denier.. whilst avoiding actual science in line with scientific propaganda using selective sets of data...

                1. Z
                  In reply tosystem:
                  Darryl Halden @zarabanda
                    2021-03-08 07:04:11.122Z

                    I would much rather be learning more about the implementation of direct democracy, but feel I must also speak to the renaming exercise [Liberals for Climate - the Flux Network] as a strategy which feels odious because it could easily mislead some voters in the imminent state election -
                    So much is hinted in the article [Introducing Liberals for Climate] of 20 Oct
                    "... While it may draw accusations of ......being a cynical act"....

                    If the new registration is [Liberals for Climate] without The Flux Network part(not sure if it is) ,I think the cynicism would be tightened a notch or two.

                    Ironically, the follow up
                    [More context on Liberals For Climate] on Jan 28th this year
                    I feel relied heavily on ideological statements.

                    One of the comments in explanation for the re-naming, was that it is an experiment.

                    1.Understand the Problem.[Insufficient electoral support]
                    2.Collect Information&Form a Hypothesis.[What set of circumstances might offer the greatest improvement in electoral standing]
                    3.Test Hypothesis.&Check Results[Was electoral support increased?]

                    I hope this process is dispassionately reconsidered- especially 3.,sometime after this coming Saturday.

                    1. ZDarryl Halden @zarabanda
                        2021-03-18 05:57:18.591Z

                        Votes still being counted...looking forward to assessment of the experimental name change.