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By System @system
    2021-04-04 02:03:50.847Z
    1. H
        2021-04-04 02:03:50.914Z

        I was seeking an alternate precisely because of the LIB capitulation to climate catastrophism.

        The basic premise of the net-zero proponents is that we can destroy a substantial part of the economic value of the energy-producing and -using capital stock without impoverishing tens of millions of households and destroying employment opportunity on a massive scale. Not to worry, say proponents of net-zero policies and sharp increases in the cost of conventional energy: We will subsidize and otherwise mandate the creation of millions of replacement “green jobs,” a hallucination driven by utter ignorance about the close relationships among aggregate economic growth, resource shifts among sectors, and employment. In a nutshell: More-expensive energy means a smaller economy and less employment. Period

        It seems Flux is not the alternate I hoped for