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It's like a ghost town around here...

By Focus Folks @focus
    2021-08-15 14:39:10.504Z

    So what's happening with flux?

    Where are we at in the second half of 2021?

    Any progress being made?

    I tried to become a member a few weeks back, couldn't do it (the web form wouldn't work), tried on multiple browsers, still didn't work. Sent a detailed email of the problem to [email protected] and now its been weeks. No reply...

    Was I trying to sign up to a project that's dead in the water?

    Certainly seems that way...

    Shame too, looks like it could have been a meaningful alternative to the constant bullshit goings-on in Canberra

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    1. B
        2021-09-16 03:52:06.024Z

        Was thinking the same thing! Nothing much on other social media either! It really should be the future.

        1. K
          In reply tofocus:
            2021-10-04 08:52:27.129Z

            Yup, it's quite disappointing that the only posts on Facebook (for NSW) have been about self preservation. Comments on Discord (supposedly the preferred communication medium) about the (admittedly minor) problems with the website go unanswered, a query about possibly extending the reach of the organisation results in a stony silence.
            Did I mention I've become quite disillusioned? My attempts to advocate for Flux in my local community is now causing my opinion to be devalued. Something will have to change.

            1. F
              In reply tofocus:
              Focus Folks @focus
                2021-10-11 00:10:07.996Z

                @ben @ken

                So, is the project open source? Do you guys know much about the software?

                A working codebase could be forked and decentralised