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30mW 532nm Green Laser Diode Module

By berlin summer @berlinsummer
    2022-08-26 09:20:53.049Z

    In order to make highly clear dot alignment for both long distance and high lighting, it is far more enough to reach with a simple green laser pointer, but making good job with a high brightness beam emitting tool, such as a 30mW 532nm green laser diode module. In various industrial and high tech dot projection work, being made with the best quality glass coated lens and metal heat sink cooling system, available with 16mm diameter metal housing tube, this green dot laser just leaves enough space for tube cooling down, but also assures highly reliable dot generation. Within long work distance of 25 meters and high lighting working occasion, it brings users high precision dot measurement for laser marking, laser engraving machine, drilling system and high tech work etc.

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