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How does automating customer service save money?

By Zoe Brown @Mark01
    2022-09-16 10:21:57.525Z

    Do you guys know if customer service automation saves money or not? I want to implement it in our company, but I'm still hesitant because of the cost. What do you think?

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    1. Emily Clark @Helen09
        2022-09-17 12:28:31.679Z

        Another way to reduce waiting times and speed up customer service is to hire more employees. This is not always possible for your business. Maybe you're just starting out and funds are limited, maybe hiring is slow. Automating customer service allows you to work convincingly and efficiently with a smaller team

        1. In reply toMark01:
          Max Velin @Maxxx17
            2022-09-17 13:13:29.574Z

            Some automation services are expensive to implement, but many are available by subscription. This means that your help desk, your CRM software, your phone system, etc. etc. You can automate with a single subscription.