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Interpretation of Tibetan Symbols and Patterns

By chen na @zoeccc
    2022-01-28 06:52:49.851Z

    Eight Treasures are typical auspicious pattern well-known to Tibetans. According to legend, when Sakyamuni became enlightened and became a Buddha, Emperor Shakyamuni and other benefactors presented eight things in honor of him, and many auspicious signs appeared. Therefore, these eight things were called "auspicious eight treasures".

    Similar Tibetan traditions see eight Buddah symbols as the components of the Buddha's body: 1. The umbrella represents the head; 2. The goldfish represents the eyes; 3. The aquarium represents the neck; 4. The lotus represents the tongue; 5. The golden wheel represents the feet; 6. The tower of victory On behalf of "body"; 7 conch on behalf of "language"; 8 auspicious knot on behalf of "meaning".

    In Tibetan art, the eight auspicious images can be drawn separately or in groups of two, four and eight. When drawn in groups, they are often arranged in a bottle shape. When in the form of a vase, there is no vase, and the other seven vase-shaped symbols represent the wealth symbolized by the vase. The Eight Rui, symbolizing good luck, is adorned on a wide variety of Buddhist sacred and secular objects, such as wood-carved furniture, chiseled metalwork, porcelain, wall paneling, blankets, and silk fabrics, and is also sprinkled with flour or colored powder It is painted on the ground in a way to welcome religious leaders to the Buddhist holy places.

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      Kerry Din @KerryDin
        2022-01-28 10:45:01.541Z

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