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The best messengers for smartphones

By Max Velin @Maxxx17
    2022-09-18 09:15:32.689Z

    Hi all. For text – SMS, for photos – MMS. It used to be clear. And now – dozens of different messengers. Which ones do you use?

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    1. Emily Clark @Helen09
        2022-09-18 11:13:14.204Z

        I use gb whatsapp. You can get a separate Achievement Award for the nationwide love and appreciation of Whatsapp. Convenient computer version, intuitive chat navigation, the ability to create separate conferences and group correspondence. Fast delivery, no lags, you can customize the display of your own presence in the network, choose the appearance of the application. True, privacy is low.

        1. In reply toMaxxx17:
          Zoe Brown @Mark01
            2022-09-18 12:51:22.327Z

            Whatsapp is Telegram's biggest competitor, but still loses out in chat chips. While Telegram's base is cracking with cool stickers, Whatsapp's cute stickers are not to everyone's liking.