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I want to sell online

By Zoe Brown @Mark01
    2022-09-20 12:44:11.496Z

    By creating a website and filling it with information, the owner of the company can engage in the direct sale of goods and services through the Internet. I actually want to do so. What do I need to do to create a site?

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    1. Emily Clark @Helen09
        2022-09-20 14:35:56.568Z

        A few years ago, online shopping was considered dangerous, but now more and more users are shopping from home. You should turn to to develop the best site. An online store, unlike an office, does not take up floor space. With a large number of products, the business owner does not need to look for a place to put it. On the Internet, he can upload a huge number of product cards and easily sell them.

        1. In reply toMark01:
          Max Velin @Maxxx17
            2022-09-20 15:30:07.144Z

            Successful online stores can get up to several tens or hundreds of thousands of hits per day. Physical offices could hardly handle such a flow of visitors.