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Annoyed with wedding venue

By Den @DenBem
    2022-09-21 11:40:10.658Z

    I then emailed to say that we were coming to stay next week, could we see round the marquee we will be using if available as we didn't get to see it fully last time (only in use certain months) got an out of office email with no name at the bottom. I've gotten in touch with the manager. It's been a month since the first email I sent and no replies. She has said they will get back to me with an update today.

    I understand it's peak wedding season but a month is taking the piss surely!? AIBU?

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    1. K
      Kate @KateNickolson
        2022-09-21 11:42:23.033Z

        If deadlines allow you, change your wedding venue. It all sounds kind of unreliable. I had a similar situation. But we took matters into our own hands and changed the venue in a matter of days. My husband and I thought. Why not have a gatlinburg tn wedding , it's a beautiful picturesque location. Gatlinburg's most popular wedding package, Mountain Memories, includes the ceremony as well as an hour of professional photography. Without their help, we would have had a very hard time and the level we ended up at would probably not have made it. The guys did a tremendous job and took the lion's share of the organization and worry out of my husband and me. All of our friends, family and friends praised the level of preparation and the beauty of the decorations the team made.

        1. L
          In reply toDenBem:
          Loola @LolaLo
            2022-09-21 11:43:15.635Z

            I personally would just rock up there if its close enough, preferably on a week day as less likely to be a wedding on.
            Bad form if you ask me. Also if they are changing the term of the original agreement I would be changing venues unless too late to get something else.