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Structure and Content of the History Essay

By James Thomas @jamesthomas
    2022-01-31 09:59:09.098Z

    A properly designed history essay will include the following points:
    the main part;

    Each paragraph should carry information that will reveal the chosen topic as much as possible. At the same time, you should not provide your essay with empty, meaningless sentences.
    In the introduction, it is necessary to specify the name of the event and indicate the period when it occurred. After that you should briefly describe the situation that prevailed at that time in the country, note the main points, phenomena and processes associated with it.

    In the main part it is necessary to mention at least two historical processes, which directly relate to the chosen date.
    Here it is also necessary to mention cause-and-effect relationships, to apply historical terminology.
    Remember, all historical phenomena or events give rise to other phenomena and events, and they themselves at the same time were born of some earlier events and phenomena.

    In the main section select the historical figure who, in your opinion, had the greatest influence on the further course of events. Reveal his historical role. Try to give as many historical facts and dates as you can, of course, if you are absolutely certain of them.
    State what the outcome of the historical event you are describing was. State what impact it had and how it affected other processes.
    Based on the principles above, briefly describe the second part of your essay (directly related to the first).

    Based on the facts mentioned in the essay, in the conclusion you should make the main conclusion about the significance of this period for the history. Try to remember what historians from different countries and eras have written about the above events. You can also give your own value judgment, but it is necessary to rely only on the facts confirmed by the official science.

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