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What does a buyer need a realtor for?

By Max Velin @Maxxx17
    2022-09-26 12:21:48.586Z

    Hello forum members. Is it worth turning to realtors? What are their benefits?

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    1. Emily Clark @Helen09
        2022-09-26 13:36:53.840Z

        Just a realtor can show your property to potential buyers without your participation. This is very convenient if you don't live in the apartment you're selling. A big advantage that I noticed when I worked with rockford real estate agents is a favorable selling price. If you are a seller, a realtor will help you determine the right market price for your property. You will not lose out on the price and will not drag out the sale.

        1. In reply toMaxxx17:
          Zoe Brown @Mark01
            2022-09-26 14:19:29.070Z

            In addition, the realtor can give valuable advice on how to increase the value - for example, can suggest and even arrange a small cosmetic repair.