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By chen na @zoeccc
    2022-02-23 02:24:32.246Z

    Lake Manasarovar is 35 kilometers east of Burang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, and south of Mount Kailash. The surrounding natural scenery is very beautiful. Buddhist believers have regarded it as the "world center" of the holy land since ancient times, and it is the second-largest natural freshwater lake in China. He is one of the three "sacred lakes" in Tibet and the birthplace of the four major rivers in Asia.

    " Maanasa sarovar" means "an invincible lake of jasper", meaning something undefeated and invincible. It is said that Maanasa sarovar is the holiest lake. Holy water can cleanse the troubles and evil barriers in people's hearts. She is the oldest and most sacred place among all the holy places of Bon, Buddhism, Indian Buddhism and Hinduism. It is the real paradise in this universe, the Shangri-La of the gods, the bliss of all things. Hinduism says it is the residence of Lord Shiva.

    Some people describe the plateau style of Ali as an alien landscape, impossibly pure, beautiful, and like a fairyland. The sacred Mount Kailash and Maanasa Sarovar Lake in Tibet have a unique position in the hearts of devout Tibetans. The ruins of the Guge Dynasty, the Zada Earth Forest, and the Tolin Temple are definitely worth visiting.

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