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Sex vending machines

By sallyfield @sallyfield
    2022-10-01 04:43:16.396Z

    All baseline survey members have been invited to take part in a observe-up survey with a flyer connected to the take a look at package. In overall, 12 of 110 men participated (response rate =10.9%). All participants valued their revel in the use of a merchandising gadget to gather a take a look at-package and take a look at as “Positive” or “Very Positive”. Using the merchandising and the self-test package changed into easy/very smooth (12/thirteen). All would advocate the HIV take a look at sex vending machines to a pal. The attributes that the individuals valued maximum were the convenience of the usage of the merchandising system any time they needed, the privateness (“I can test in the vicinity I choice”), quick go back of end result and manipulate over health decisions. However, respondents have been skeptical approximately the accuracy of their result in comparison to standard testing.

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