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How to Write an Exemplification Essay

By Seth Morris @SethMorris
    2022-04-13 12:32:45.926Z

    It is the act of giving examples about something. A typical exemplification essay involves giving many examples to support a generalization. This type of essay uses examples to clarify or explain the generalization.
    Choose an exemplification essay topic. What generalization are you trying to make? Most likely, you already know a few generalizations about the topic. You can then build your essay using these. If you decide to write about your own topic, you'll need to come up with a generalization that can be supported by examples.
    Define your purpose. How do you intend to present the generalization to the reader? A clear purpose will help with the selection of examples and the writing of your thesis.
    Consider the audience. Consider the opinions of your audience about the generalizations you are discussing.
    You can make a list of examples that relate to your generalization. You can list as many examples as you like, but later on you'll narrow it down. You can include anecdotes (short stories), statistics, and other types of examples.
    You should choose examples from the list that correspond to your purpose. Be sure to support the generalization by selecting all examples. It is important to avoid choosing ones that do not fit your purpose.
    A thesis statement should be written. The thesis statement should explain the generalization that your example is illustrating and give examples to support it.
    An introduction is a description of what your essay will look like and the thesis.
    A well-written body should support the thesis. The body should be able to support the generalization. Each paragraph should directly link to the thesis.
    Your examples should be organized logically. You may need to categorize your examples if there are many of them, so you don't confuse the reader.
    To guide your readers through your essay, use transition words and phrases
    A conclusion summarizing the essay's key points and reiterating the thesis should be written. Be clear in your conclusion about what you want the readers to take with them.
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