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AccuWeather has introduced a new Premium Plus subscription tier

By rodeoneerer @rodeoneerer
    2022-05-21 09:06:36.760Z

    Mobile weather apps are almost as old as the phones themselves. They’re essential tools that users rely on every single day to predict the local weather and take action accordingly. However, finding a reliable and accurate weather app has always been an obstacle. By removing it from the Google Play Store, Apple left a big gap in the weather department on Android. AccuWeather has decided to step up and fill this gap, but that comes at a cost. The company has introduced a new Premium Plus subscription tier that provides users with hyperlocal weather forecasts and alerts.

    AccuWeather has announced the launch of the new tier of its premium subscription package, Premium+, now on the AccuWeather app. The new tier offered at an affordable annual or monthly subscription fee in the AccuWeather app is ad free, like the AccuWeather Premium app, and includes the AccuWeather AlertsTM advanced notifications to enhance safety and enable users make the best weather-impacted decisions. It is available in both iOS and Android versions.

    If that sounds familiar, it was one of the best features of Dark Sky, where the app would deliver alerts in the minutes leading up to a storm, rain, or snow. It’s unclear if AccuWeather’s notifications will do exactly the same thing, but the app describes these weather alerts as being able to provide “actionable insights.”

    AccuWeather’s existing Premium subscription remains available for $8.99 per year. However, it includes neither the persistent temperature notification nor the hyperlocal weather forecasts. It’s also worth mentioning that the Premium Plus subscription option hasn’t fully rolled out to all users yet.

    Users of AccuWeather Premium+ may access all of the features of the free AccuWeather app, such as AccuWeather RealFeel®, AccuWeather Hurricane Tracker and AccuWeather WinterCast®, along with many other unique offerings, such as the addition of AccuWeather Alerts™ advanced notifications, and a range of planned innovations to be added in the coming months.

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